No more Kona EV towing ?

We have recently found that towing a trailer with the Hyundai Kona EV is not allowed. In the year since we last posted on this blog, we continued to enjoy travel with our camper trailer to various locations in South Australia, and six weeks travelling in Tasmania. We have felt the Kona tows the trailerContinue reading “No more Kona EV towing ?”

Why we chose this EV and camper?

Our car is a 2020 model Hyundai Kona with 64 kWh battery. We previously owned an older Nissan Leaf with a 24 kWh battery. The Leaf had a range of around 100 km, whereas the Kona has a range of around 450 km (in typical city driving). This is a huge difference! Most of ourContinue reading “Why we chose this EV and camper?”

Introducing ourselves: David and Conny

Who we are and why are we blogging… We are concerned about climate change and are trying to live and travel in ways that minimises our fossil fuel use. Our home is an all-electric, energy efficient house with enough solar panels to charge an electric vehicle (EV) most of the year. Our current project isContinue reading “Introducing ourselves: David and Conny”