Conny and David

Introducing ourselves: Who we are and why are we blogging…

We are both concerned about climate change and are trying to live and travel in ways that minimises our fossil fuel use. We believe that electrification of homes and transport is a key part of transitioning society away from fossil fuels (obviously this needs to happen at the same time that the energy grid transitions to renewable energy). Our home is an all-electric, energy efficient house with enough solar panels to charge an electric vehicle (EV) most of the year. Our current project is traveling Australia in an EV while towing our teardrop camper. We are using this blog to share our experiences and thoughts.

We plan to write about:

  • our experiences doing long distance trips with our EV while towing the trailer
  • our camper trailer setup
  • the places we charge, visit and stay, etc …

If you’re interested in electric vehicles, camper trailers and/or travel in Australia, hopefully you’ll find something interesting in this blog.

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