Subtropical rainforests of Springbrook and Border Ranges National Parks

Walking in Springbrook and Border Ranges rainforests which are part of the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia.

The northern-most destination of our trip took us into the SE corner of Queensland, to the Springbrook National Park. From there we drove west to visit the Border Ranges National Park. Both these parks are part of the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia, and are stunning examples of subtropical rainforest. We enjoyed some rewarding walks in these areas. Since there are no fast chargers in these areas, we needed to stay in campgrounds to charge our car from a powerpoint.

Near the Natural Bridge in Springbrook National Park, we stayed at the Log Cabin Camp. Although the camping area there is small (and squeezed around a volleyball court) it is in a lovely setting with walking access into the rainforest right behind the camp. A rope-guided walk leads down to a platypus pool. Platypus are quite shy (and mostly nocturnal), and sadly we didn’t see any there.

Our campsite on the edge of the volleyball court at Log Cabin Camp with a wall of rainforest behind
The platypus pool below Log Cabin Camp
The Common Evening Brown butterfly (Melanitis leda) has strikingly different dry season and wet season forms (this is the dry season form)

This camp was only a short distance from Natural Bridge, noted for the cave with a hole in the roof where the river falls through. At night the cave and paths are lined with glow worms which make for a stunning star-like display. It was spellbinding! Light from screens of phones and cameras disturbs the glow worms, so we were not able to take photos, however have a look here for some examples. It was a chilly night when we visited, and there was only one other couple there.

The Natural Bridge

Springbrook also includes a number of other waterfalls and lookouts. We enjoyed a walk to the Twin Falls, interesting because you can walk behind the falls and look up at the waterfall from below.

Massive boulders on the walk down to Twin Falls
Twin Falls
Looking up from behind the fall
View from lookout along the escarpment to the coast
Twining Guinea Flower (Hibbertia dentata)
The view south from Best of All Lookout, right on the Queensland – New South Wales border

Driving further west, we camped at the Rainforest Gateway, which is not in rainforest as such, but provides easy access to the Border Ranges NP nearby. Although there are several platypus living in the creek at the campsite, we were also unlucky there and did not see any.

We enjoyed being the only campers at the Rainforest Gateway camp.

On the days we visited the Border Ranges NP, flood damage and road maintenance unfortunately meant we could only access one end of the park at Sheepstation Creek. From there we walked to Brushbox Falls and completed the Rosewood Loop walk, which was a very beautiful 3 hour walk, without anyone else around.

Footbridge across the river
Brushbox falls
Garden Orbweaver spider
A Tawny Frogmouth that visited us at Rainforest Gateway.
The mouse plague in the area is leading to the deaths of many birds, so we hope this one doesn’t eat any poisoned mice.

After our stay in this area, we travelled down the NSW coast. See our trips page for a map of our journey.

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