Nelson, Glenelg River, Robe and return home

A couple of days enjoying Nelson and the nearby Lower Glenelg National Park, then return to Adelaide via Robe, SA.

After our detour from Port Fairy to Budj Bim, we arrived in Nelson with a 16% charge. Plenty! But we had mostly been driving between 80 to 95 km/h depending on traffic, hills etc. This helped to increase our range. Having an EV charger located somewhere en route would have allowed us to be a bit more spontaneous and go off the main route if we wanted to.

The community run Kywong Caravan Park in Nelson was great for us. We found a nicely secluded powered campsite there. We heard lots of Rufous bristlebirds, which are near-threatened in Victoria. We could see them dashing around our campsite, but they eluded being photographed!

Campsite at Nelson

We made a late dash for the Discovery Bay Estuary around sunset, as a full moon was rising.

Two peaceful walks over several hours in the Lower Glenelg National Park.

View of the Glenelg River
Scarlet Robin

A swordgrass brown butterfly (Tisiphone abeona)

Driving from Nelson to Robe was mostly around 90 km/h, we were on quite sheltered roads, plus there was little wind. The average consumption was a good 24 kWh/100 km, and we arrived in Robe still with a 30% full battery.

Stop off for a lunch at a scenic spot in Beachport

We visited Transmutation in Robe who are doing inspiring things with recycled materials. Really worth a visit if you are in the area!

Fish made out of recycled materials, outside Transmutation

Transmutation provide a very welcome Type 2 charger which we plugged into while we walked to the amazing Robe icecream shop in the main street, with it’s quirky art, and oasis garden.

Coastline walk near the Robe Obelisk
Black-scaped Bull Ant (Myrmecia nigriscapa)
Black-fronted Dotterel spotted from the bird hide at Lake Fox in Robe
Robe Holiday Park had the greenest lawns of any caravan park on our trip

The drive home took us via quiet back-roads between Kingston and Keith. Driving at around 90 km/h gives much better economy than higher speeds. There was very little wind, and temperatures were around 30°C. A 59% charge (from 22% to 81% at Keith took us 1¼ hours, partly due to a drop out of the charger), which delivered around 34 kW. But at Tailem Bend a 54% charge (from 28% to 72%) only took 35 minutes with the charger delivering up to 74 kW.

Here’s an interactive map of our 2500 km trip:

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