Lorne, more Otways and Great Ocean Road

Some photos of highlights from our 8 days of visits to Lorne, Cape Otway and Timboon areas (March 2021).

The river view of the campsite at Lorne Riverbank Caravan Park. See our previous post for a different view of this site.
Erskine Falls
Liverwort along the Lemonade Creek Track between Erskine Falls and Blanket Leaf Picnic Area
More of the Lemonade Creek Track
Cumberland River
Crossing the Cumberland River on the way to the falls
Gilled mushrooms
Reaching the Cumberland Falls – not spectacular at this time of year, but worth the walk
Great Ocean Road near Lorne – on our way to Cape Otway
A Tyde’s Sand Wasp (Podalonia tydei) in Apollo Bay
View over Apollo Bay from Marriners Lookout
Blanket Bay beach on the Cape Otway coast
View over Blanket Bay
Blanket Bay Creek waterfall

From Cape Otway, we ventured into the Otway forest again. We wanted to visit Aire Crossing Campsite where we had camped with a 4WD 20 years ago. We were unsure about the condition of the road, so left the camper at Cape Otway to visit there. We were delighted to arrive and find no-one else there! Unfortunately this campsite does not allow camper trailers, but it was a lovely spot for a picnic.

Bridge at Aire Crossing – beyond the bridge the road becomes 4WD only
Aire River at the crossing
Aire River
One of many Striped Xenica (Oreixenica kershawi) along the forest track
Views along the Great Ocean Road en route towards Port Campbell
The Razorback
View from the Tom and Eva Lookout
An Anthelid Lappet Moth (Family Anthelidae) near Loch Ard Gorge
Campsite at Brucknell Park Scout Camp near Timboon
At Apostle Whey Cheese where we enjoyed a tasting
An unwelcome visitor inside the camper
The Arch – along the Great Ocean Road between Port Campbell and Peterborough
White-lipped Snake (Drysdalia coronoides)
The Grotto – a highlight
Knobbled Orbweaver (Eriophora pustulosa) abundant in the bushes near the Grotto

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  1. I love that you know the names of so many creatures and plants, beyond my knowledge of “lizard”, “pale spider”, tiny mushroom”, “thick leaved plant” etc


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